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What is Potash

Potash is fertilizer found primarily in two forms

Potash fertilizer cascading down

What is Potash?

Potash is fertilizer found primarily in two forms: muriate of potash (KCl) and sulfate of potash (K2SO4). Both forms provide potassium (K), a necessary nutrient for plant and animal life with no known substitute. About 90% of all potash produced is used as fertilizer with the remainder being used in the chemical industry.

For many applications including most fruits and vegetables, sulfate of potash is the preferred product. There are few places on earth where this form of the nutrient is found naturally including the Great Salt Lake; the Atacama desert in South America; the Luobupo project in Xinjiang, China; and at the Sevier Lake in Utah, where Crystal Peak Minerals Inc. is at work.

Potash demand is expected to increase substantially over the coming years driven by increasing population, reduced arable land, improving diets, and an increased interest in organic and environmentally friendly food and bio-fuels production.


Crystal Peak Minerals Inc. plans to produce a suite of useful and necessary products from the brines found at the Sevier Playa. Using an environmentally friendly, solar evaporation process, the company will need to add little to produce a fertilizer expected to be certified as organic. Other products may include sodium chloride (also known as table salt or road salt); sulfate of potash magnesia (a specialty fertilizer); magnesium sulfate (used in agriculture and as bath salts); and magnesium chloride (used in medicine and for dust control).

Additional research may lead to the development of other beneficial chemicals and nutrients from the brines at the Sevier Playa project.


Chemical Composition

Primary Uses

Sulfate of Potash K2SO4 Used primarily as fertilizer for high-value crops.
Sodium Chloride NaCl Used as table salt or road salt.
Sulfate of Potash Magnesia 2MgSO4 • K2SO4 Used primarily as fertilizer
Magnesium Sulfate MgSO4 Used in agriculture, gardening, and bath salts
Magnesium Chloride MgCl Used in medicine, ointments, and for dust control